About Us


Home and Gounds.Com, Inc. - "Making your House a Home" is owned and operated by Home and Grounds.Com, Inc. of Washington, DC. We are a "business to business" and "consumer based" advertising company that focuses on the home improvement, home plans, service contractor, interior design, home furnishings, real estate, art, antiques, nurseries and landscape markets.

Homeandgrounds.Com provides interactive web-based content that enables consumers to make intelligent purchasing decisions, and advertisers to make focused advertising decisions suited to their particular market---"with the ability to reach that market". Homeandgrounds.com has developed a unique model with it's database infrastructure that allows it to offer to its advertising clients a cost saving "business to business" service. The model also allows it to sell franchises to prospects outside of it's Washington, DC base.

For Franchising, Advertising inquiries, Employment opportunities, additional information or to write us click here; info@homeandgrounds.com, or contact us toll free at 1-888-422-3252