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Have you had difficulties finding a contractor, product or service for a home project? Looking to get away from office politics? Trying to develop methods in your work-life to provide you with more time to spend with family and friends? Spent your Saturdays or holidays driving from store to store looking for furniture, paint or information to complete a home project? Feel as if everyone is a part of the new Internet economy and it's to late for you to capitalize? Tired of not being able to have greater control of your career and finances. Have you had to depend on your family or friends to help you achieve your financial goals?

As consumers of products and services in the Home and Grounds industry and as former employees of some of the industry's largest technology companies; HomeandGrounds.com was founded for these very reasons. Today we offer a total "turnkey" operation to potential franchisees. Our team of business managers and technical staff are available to help you launch HomeandGrounds.com in your area.

You don't need to be a technologist or computer expert. What you do need is the desire to be self-employed, a professional approach, a commitment to quality and self-motivation. You don't need to be an accountant, general contractor or interior designer. What you do need is the ability to understand consumers and the frustrations they face, a winning attitude and the desire to succeed. You don't need a huge investment or a degree in computer science, HomeandGrounds.com can provide you with the on-going support and financial help you may need.